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Genus Carya

Common Names

Mockernut hickory, black hickory, bitternut hickory, water hickory, pignut hickory, shellbark hickory, nutmeg hickory, and pecan.


Hickories are deciduous trees, growing actively in the spring and summer. The fruit of these trees are in the form of nuts. Hickories at maturity can range in height from 60-150 ft tall.

Habit and Life Cycle

Hickories are perennial, slow growing and long-lived. These trees are well-suited to growing on moist yet well-drained soils.

Wildlife Value

Hickories provide nesting and dens for wildlife. The nuts of these trees are eaten by a variety of animals such as ducks, quail, wild turkeys, feral hogs, squirrels, chipmunks, deer, foxes, raccoons, and mice. White-tailed deer browse on the leaves, twigs and nuts of hickories. In addition, hickory tree leaves provide a food source for insects that also feed wildlife such as birds.